Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Impact crusher---the combination of single and double rotor crusher

 Impact crusher, which can be widely used in building material industry, chemical industry, coal mines and coke industry. They are suitable for coarse crushing intermediate and fine crushing of the brittle materials with less than intermediate hardness. Their features are as following: high crushing rates and output, low energy consumption, and even grains of their products.
The components and mechanism of the impact crusher can be briefly divided into two kinds: Single rotor impact crusher and double rotor impact crusher.
     Single rotor impact crusher consists of shell assembly, rotor assembly, back breaker plate, front breaker plate and lower frame assembly. The rotor, drove by the rotor rotates at a high speed, by hydraulic coupling. In the upper shell, there are front and rear impact plates, and when the material enters., it  will be broken as a result of the impact of the high-speed-rotating breaker .And with high active energy, the broken material hits the front impact plate and rebounds back to the rotor for second break ,then, flies to the impact room at high speed and repeats. The broken materials will be discharged as qualified products, When the diameters of crushed grains are smaller than the opening of the rotating radius or the rear breaker plate.
   And for the double rotor impact crusher, it can be seen as two single rotor impact crushers using in cascade. With the double rotor, one can be used for coarse crushing and the other for fine crushing. Above all, it is equipment which can be used for coarse, intermediate and fine crushing. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

introduction of asbestos

Asbestos denotes to a small sum of reserves that are formed of supple fibers, and obligate the useful bodily property of life selfsame temperature impervious. Because asbestos arrangements as supple fibers, it is woven to type fabrics for heat-resistant and sequestering resources.

Chrysotile asbestos, the rubbery change of the crystal serpentine, is by far the most significant kind of asbestos. It methods in metamorphic rock, that is, rock that has stood changed by penetrating heat and weight. Asbestos can be sectioned interested in two chief organizations of minerals: amphiboles and serpentines. All but one form, chrysotile, are amphiboles. Chrysotile is a serpentine. Both amphibole asbestos and serpentine asbestos are fibrous, but they have self-same different forms. The amphiboles are double-chain silicates too christened inosilicates.

Chrysotile is same supple and less likely to be "friable" than the amphiboles. Friability of asbestos is largely distinct as the ability to effortlessly be curved into a dust through digit pressure. It is this friability that releases asbestos threads into the atmosphere and fallouts in well-being glitches.

Asbestos has a crowd of bodily properties that style it not quite a icon in the creation of industrial interaction. Its stretchy asset exceeds that of toughen. It has great updraft stability, updraft and electrical resistance and is non-flammable. It can be segmented into acceptable threads that are robust abundant and lithe sufficient to be rolled obsessed by physical that is a flame retardant, chemically slow thermal and electrical soundproofing. Letter that asbestos binds by improved shielding resources to produce the final structure resources.

Asbestos strands need no noticeable scent or perception. They are all objects that do not move through earth and are inexplicable in marine. Its shade will differ rendering to type, and iron alignment. Crocidolite, which has tough and sodium as its lone metal elements, is the most colorful, adorned in a variety of insignias with shades of lavender, blue and green. In general, asbestos-containing strong may display a jade dye ranging since a indication of khaki to hard green depending upon the sum of firm present-day. Extra info about Pinnacle pounder and grinding mincer please appointment products center.

Asbestos’s exceptional sequestering properties, toughness and fervor retardance require caused in its use in a variation of manufacturing submissions. Asbestos-cement pipe has remained used in river dispersal schemes around the creation for additional than 70 centuries. Heaviness tube is cast-off primarily for the distribution of clean water, cesspool strength mains and industrial runoff course piercing. Non-pressure tube is secondhand for salubrious and hurricane drainage systems, exteriors for electronic chains or channel effort.

Asbestos-cement building products consist of flat and crenelated sheets cast-off for profitable and housing buildings, tiling shingles and siding. Modern crops contain asbestos-cement (pipe, tiling slates and sheet), friction materials, gaskets, sphere identifications and additives, with asbestos-cement secretarial for almost 85% of chrysotile fibre ingesting.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Introduction of circular vibrating screen

Request of circular vibrating screen: Circular Vibrating Screen is of multilayer and spherical motility vibrant curtain. This generous of elongated streamline, manyscreening conditions and strong broadcast. We espouse butt trembling exciter and oddness change in building. It landscapes per unfailing structure; strong enthuse force, tall efficacy for screening, low clamor of vibration, robustness, expedient maintenance, benign operation, etc. so it is widely rummage-sale in mine for screening pebble stock, and too can be secondhand in mine, edifice material, traffic, energy, chemistry, etc. for unscrambling the concluding products.

Circular Vibrating Screen Structure:

1.The electrical motorized can be mounted on the left-hand side or right adjacent. In instruction to use easily, thrill bounce part material as shortly as you directive our crops.
2.The Circular Vibrating Screen contains of curtain box, blocking, vibration exciter and gearing slices. Tub quivering exciter is immobile in the internal of the economy, altering the mass of peculiar slab to change the stirring force to regulate the swing. The behavior is greased through grease and seated by network.
3.The filters are the key components of the shelter box, which should be completed of very wear-resistant strengthen. The canopy network pigeonholes crops.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dolostone Crusher

Our business creation dolostone crushing plant, plus jaw dolostone crusher, impact dolostone  crusher, vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, belt conveyor, etc, which is of in height automation. Our dolostone crusher  has the plus of modifiable granularity of evicted factual thru high making efficiency, from top to bottom management number and reforming function, which means the end creation contemporary cube form thru low satisfied of hand shaving shape creation. The finished produce is deprived of internal fracture by in height gravity resistant, which is apposite for all types of industrial project building and structure.

What’s more, the dolostone crusher equipment is self-same easy to preserve with low ingesting of fast dress part, which resources a extensive deal lifecycle and bring extra earnings for customers and consumers.The shared course stream of dolostone crushing plant is like this: feeder---vibrating feeder---jaw dolostone crusher---impact dolostone crusher---vibrating screen---finished invention associated by belt conveyor. According to diverse skills requirement, appropriate replicas can be quipped to confirm a supreme routine and revenue.

Tips:Dolostone is formed with the structure of well or intermediate granularity, whose erection is of sheet shape, enormous shape, and brecciated figure through Moh’s rigidity since 3.5 to 4. It is extensively practical in building material, ceramics, welding, rubber, newspaper making, plastic, etc business as glowing as agriculture, setting protection, supremacy saving, curative extent and health care, etc.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Dust suppression in stone crusher in india

As a stone crusher manufacturer in China ,we have kept a good and consistency collection with the manufacturing abroad. Due to  the increasing demand from the construction industry and the present emphasis on developing the country’s infrastructure ,the stone crusher industry in India has been growing rapidly. Though thse reliable statistics ,we as the big stone crusher company has developed a lot of trade with the companies there.It is proved by African companies that our stone crusher is a true multi-purpose, high efficiency, low cost of the new crushing mining equipment. During stone crusher operations,  those workers who residing in close proximity to these operations are exposed to extremely high silica levels .

In stone crusher dust suppression can be accomplished through containment measures, water spraying, and dust collectors. At small-scale stone crusher, most equipment and machinery are not enclosed with any rigid barrier. Sometimes protective walls or “green belts” are used to limit off-site emissions, but do not address occupational exposures.As for the application of a fine mist of water ,the stone crusher has been shown to be an effective means to reduce respirable dust from stone crusher.But there is a question why these systems are not in widespread use in India ,because of a lack of technical expertise, experience, and incentives .But now it can be solved by Water-spray engineering controls ,which can be installed and operated with minimum labor. It can be used for a small-scale stone crusher.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

introduction of hammer crusher

Hammer crusher is usually used to crush soft minerals, such as limestone, gypsum, coal, marl, sand shale and some other ores whose compressive strength are no more than 200Mpa.Hammer crusher has some features of highly crushing ratio, reliable operation, graininess, simple construction, easy maintenance, low economical running cost etc. So hammer crusher is widely used in cement industry.
Hammer crusher is suitable to crush many kinds of soft minerals, like coal, gypsum, alum and tiles. Hammer crusher is as good as limestone, whose compressive strength is no more than 100Mpa and humidity is no higher than 5%.
Features of Hammer Crusher:
1) High reliability
2) Flexible capacity
3) Over-loading protection
4) High efficiency

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

stone crusher

Stone crusher is segregated into various sizes like 35mm, 20mm, 12mm, etc for
different uses. Crushed stone aggregates are used for construction of roads, bridges,
housing, industril building construction and other cement based products like RCC
pipes, PSC poles, premoulded slabs, frames and beems, etc for fabrication.

It is advantageous if the crushed stone unit is set up near the quarries where the
granite boulders of various sizes are available for the crushing unit. The wastage from
the granite industry will be of much use ot the crushed stone unit