Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Impact crusher---the combination of single and double rotor crusher

 Impact crusher, which can be widely used in building material industry, chemical industry, coal mines and coke industry. They are suitable for coarse crushing intermediate and fine crushing of the brittle materials with less than intermediate hardness. Their features are as following: high crushing rates and output, low energy consumption, and even grains of their products.
The components and mechanism of the impact crusher can be briefly divided into two kinds: Single rotor impact crusher and double rotor impact crusher.
     Single rotor impact crusher consists of shell assembly, rotor assembly, back breaker plate, front breaker plate and lower frame assembly. The rotor, drove by the rotor rotates at a high speed, by hydraulic coupling. In the upper shell, there are front and rear impact plates, and when the material enters., it  will be broken as a result of the impact of the high-speed-rotating breaker .And with high active energy, the broken material hits the front impact plate and rebounds back to the rotor for second break ,then, flies to the impact room at high speed and repeats. The broken materials will be discharged as qualified products, When the diameters of crushed grains are smaller than the opening of the rotating radius or the rear breaker plate.
   And for the double rotor impact crusher, it can be seen as two single rotor impact crushers using in cascade. With the double rotor, one can be used for coarse crushing and the other for fine crushing. Above all, it is equipment which can be used for coarse, intermediate and fine crushing.