Friday, February 24, 2012

Dust suppression in stone crusher in india

As a stone crusher manufacturer in China ,we have kept a good and consistency collection with the manufacturing abroad. Due to  the increasing demand from the construction industry and the present emphasis on developing the country’s infrastructure ,the stone crusher industry in India has been growing rapidly. Though thse reliable statistics ,we as the big stone crusher company has developed a lot of trade with the companies there.It is proved by African companies that our stone crusher is a true multi-purpose, high efficiency, low cost of the new crushing mining equipment. During stone crusher operations,  those workers who residing in close proximity to these operations are exposed to extremely high silica levels .

In stone crusher dust suppression can be accomplished through containment measures, water spraying, and dust collectors. At small-scale stone crusher, most equipment and machinery are not enclosed with any rigid barrier. Sometimes protective walls or “green belts” are used to limit off-site emissions, but do not address occupational exposures.As for the application of a fine mist of water ,the stone crusher has been shown to be an effective means to reduce respirable dust from stone crusher.But there is a question why these systems are not in widespread use in India ,because of a lack of technical expertise, experience, and incentives .But now it can be solved by Water-spray engineering controls ,which can be installed and operated with minimum labor. It can be used for a small-scale stone crusher.