Monday, April 9, 2012

coke crusher

Coke is mainly used for blast furnace and for copper, lead, zinc, titanium, antimony, mercury and other nonferrous metals in blast furnace smelting, from the reducing agent, heating agent and the materials column skeleton. Blast furnace using coke instead of charcoal, a large modern blast furnace laid the foundation, is a major milestone in the history of metallurgy. In order to blast furnace operation to achieve good technical and economic indicators, smelting with coke (metallurgical coke) must have appropriate chemical properties and physical properties, including the smelting process of the thermal state properties.

In addition to a large number of coke for iron and nonferrous metal smelting (metallurgical coke), but also for casting, chemical, calcium carbide and ferro-alloys, and its quality requirements are different. Such as foundry coke, general requirements for large size, low porosity, high fixed carbon and low sulfur content; chemical gasification of coke, on the strength not strict, but requires good reaction, ash melting point higher; calcium carbide, coke production required to maximize the fixed carbon content.
Coke Crusher Used

Coke crusher is the use of high-strength wear-resistant alloy grinding rollers squeeze the relative rotation of the high pressure crushing of materials, material entering the crushing chamber after the two rollers by the relative rotation of roller pressure extrusion, rolling and extrusion material for the first time After grinding and gnawing (thick broken), the material once again into the relative rotation of the next two rollers, the use of extrusion under the pressure of the two rollers squeeze a second rolling mill and Nie (thin broken), broken into an ideal grain discharge.
Product Features:

1. This product applies to concentrate crushed under or above coal mine and can be applied with different types of loader.
2. It adopts the differential principle, multi-point spread, squeeze and cut to crush materials.
3. Crushing parts are made from high-quality alloy steel, durable.
4. It adopts machinery and electrical double overload protection, safe and reliable.
5. It adopts the centralized lubrication and electrical multi-point lubrication.(Manual filling, automatic filling selected by the user)
6. Crushing materials have a great variance ratio , the output size can be adjustable.
7. With high capacity and low energy-consumption, energy-saving results are obvious.
Coke crusher used to coke ,can also be used to broken limestone, marl, chalk, brick, slag, clinker, feldspar, and so on.