Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Flying Geophysical Study Finished Ended Skyttgruvan And Oxberg Projects, Sweden

Vancouver, British Columbia: North Lion Gold-plated Corp. (the "Company") announces the achievement of a helicopter-borne, geophysical study on its 100% retained Oxberg and Skyttgruvan mineral survey licences, set indoors the creative Bergslagen region about 175 km northwest of Stockholm, Sweden.

This database was approved out by Geotech Aerial Imperfect (Geotech). Employing an advanced, deep-penetrating, VTEM (Versatile Time-Domain Electromagnetic) system, which comprised a high-resolution cesium magnetometer. Aerospace lines stood concerned with on a northwest-southeast, 100 metre grid, for a whole of 560 line-km, counting tie-lines.Stone Crusher

The Business is now awaiting the pilot examination data after Geotech, trailed by the last drinkable and steamrolled type which will before be furthered to Condor Consulting, Inc. ("Condor"), of Lakewood, Colorado. Condor is internationally-recognized for its capability in the understanding of aerial electromagnetic study statistics. Condor resolve procedure and read the complex data-set caused by the survey.

The Skyttgruvan (1,246.79 hectares) plan is directly west of the ancient Falun mine, which operated uninterruptedly for additional than a time 'til 1992, constructing added than 28 million tonnes of ore, covering around 840,000 tonnes of copper, thru noteworthy standards of zinc (4%), lead (1.5%), gold-leaf (3 grams/tonne) and grey (18 grams/tonne). Here are many sulphide shows within the mission zone as healthy as the previous creator "Skyttgruvan Mine", which was dug between 1890 and 1908, by a reported making of 33,000 tons zinc and 32,000 tons copper after 275,000 loads of ore. A grab model collected as of the coalmines dump returned 26.1% zinc, 13.45% lead, 1.79% copper, 489 grams/tonne grey and 0.7 grams/tonne gilded.Stone Crusher Plant

The Oxberg (2,342.16 hectares) project is situated about 10 kilometres to the northwest of the Skyttgruvan scheme. It spread ended the surface in the vicinity sturdy metasomatically reformed felsic volcanics. The Oxberg venture likewise encompasses frequent sulphide displays as healthy as unimportant past producers. Two grab tasters remained composed after ancient slight pits/workings. The principal take sample returned ethics of 5.23% copper, 185 grams/tonne silver, and 0.72 grams/tonne gold-plated and the next refunded values of 6.37% copper and 131 grams/tonne grey. The mission is end-to-end to the northerly by Boliden AB, Zinifex to the south and Lundin Mining Corp. to the west.

Quality Control/Quality Assurance

The Corporation's turf actions in Sweden are oversaw by Henrik Wik, M.Sc. (Geology and Mineralogy), underneath the track of Joan McCorquodale, P.Geo. (BC), a adviser to the Company and a "Qualified Person", as clear by Coast-to-coast Tool 43-101 ("NI 43-101") and is responsible for the practical happy of this newsflash issue.  In addition, the Concern reserved Mr. Sören Byström to make available methodological mistake of the geophysical review. Mr. Byström was once in responsibility of the Aerial Geophysics Subdivision thru the Biological Examination of Sweden, and is now semi-retired, retaining an counselor character to the Geological Review of Sweden.