Friday, May 25, 2012

DSMAC-crusher:Mandibles crusher broken way bent


Jaw crusher way bent, motor drive belt move by partiality axis and pulley to maneuver up and down movements of hubei, when transferring hubei rises cubits board and dynamic involving hubei develop into greater, and boost the Angle with the hirer vibrant hubei board hubei board shut, meanwhile the fabric staying extrusion, rolling, grinding various damaged; When transferring downstream of hubei, cubits plate and transfer, transfer involving hubei Angle gets to be in hubei board below the impact of lever and spring with the root already damaged at hubei board, components from crushing cavity mouth eduction, coupled with the motor turns continually make periodic crushing maneuvering hubei crush and discharging, realize batch production. So as to protect against plugging product, we use in the acousto-optic indicator way direct directions pour product. Because of to your damaged stone machine functioning below weighty conveyor in aubarachnoid currents and exactly how substantially there may be near correlation amongst product, and every time the inferior vena human body triggered crusher leap greater than that, in accordance to stopping the existing board conveyor, formulate the qualities of remedy, specifically, the crusher pour product mouth set up a bell-button and alarm flashing lighting, which relays instantly connected with electrical board conveyor, should the latest benefit attained a established, relay suck shut, alarm lamp flickered on, bell-button also sounded. If your downstream products jump cease, plate conveyor recent is equal to the acousto-optic alarm may also prompted. Following acquiring alarm prompt harvester driver would end pour substance, thereby stopping plugging substance. Crusher plugging materials jump quit may be the most important cause in the crusher of inferior vena human body makings is just too substantially row a deposition, resist shifting cone, result in motor overload jump to prevent. You will discover usually two forms of situation induce jump halt: the primary type is crusher higher output, plate conveyor much too late absent; vibrating feeder

The next is downstream gear jump halt, crusher carry on to interrupt. This situation a quantity, will transpire the many components during the crushing cavity lower out to carry on as well, time-consuming, general at the very least are three ~ 4 hours to accomplish. For resolving the challenge of plugging product crusher.they, equipped to resolve, not just can decrease the labor stress, but in addition increased the production effectivity, and this crusher.they will make crusher can normally efficient get the job done, therefore lowering upkeep time, increasing financial benefits