Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Which includes the vent and nozzle coked catalyst microactivity brick coked


Converter and reverberatory furnace and with about the exact same, generally is composed by yellow slag, because oxidation bismuth slag arsenic as higher as 2% or so, and soon after pyrite which deliver FeS, thermal decomposition, FeS is oxidized to soda ash FeO FeO, in converter melting temperature, when furnace ambiance is made up of a lot more than 70% nearby CO, reduction of iron. Stone Crusher 

Iron and oxidation reduction within the bi slag to be a composition yellow slag. Yellow of slag processing strategies and reverberatory is roughly same, due to the fact fuel is weighty oil, furnace temperature of converter is more most likely to learn reverberatory furnace, so extra quickly and exclusion.Stone Crusher Plant 

2nd, the primary fault and hefty oil burning prevention

Fault and excluded. Converter

one, some not the cause of the fire isn't any oil or oil ooze water far too considerably, burner choose jams, not plenty of air temperature, far too, large oil flash point far too substantial. Avoidance technique is significant oil must be accredited by oil filters filter, ignition is confirmed when oil spewed atomizing air will need to be proper amount,. Jaw crusher

2, the flame just isn't stable cause is too major oil viscosity, burner, wind strain, hydraulic much too considerably nozzle is not steady. Avoidance approach would be to improve the heating temperature, pick out the right nozzle brick, set strain lowering valve.

3, tempering reason is too small, putty major oil flash position way too much, a air strain is simply not enough. Prevention process is always to pick the proper burner, observe atomization position and pace, avoid from exhaust jam.

four, including the vent and nozzle coked catalyst microactivity brick coked. The explanation is because of the high temperature, injection poor, oil carbon significant and trigger the nozzle coked; And nozzle brick diffusion degree will not be enough, the nozzle jet Angle is too steep, significant oil spray nozzle is not prompted through the rationale of coked brick. Coked to check for carbon deposition, obvious in time. crusher