Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The cobalt suppliers’ disruptions

Though the demand for cobalt, tantalum and rare earth metals will continue to increase, a mining consultancy group warns that there is a risk of supply disruptions. China, which refines most of the world’s cobalt, could restrict exports, leading to greater price volatility and increased risk of supply disruptions.
Why there is such great need of that metal? The answer is the widely application of it and its unique place in our life. The main application of cobalt is as the metal in alloys, batteries, catalysis, pigments and coloring. Approximately 3.6 g of cobalt is used in almost every single mobile phone battery and the penetration of mobile phones, especially in Africa and Asia is expected to continue to increase driving cobalt demand.
The cobalt demand is also strongly drove by Electric vehicles and electric bicycles ,as approximately 4 kg of cobalt would be required for a hybrid electric vehicle battery and 6 kg for a fully electric vehicle. With between 12- and 13-million hybrid electric vehicles expected to be on the road by 2020, this would necessitate between 20 000 t and 30 000 t of cobalt, said Smith. Increased manufacture of electric bicycles and continued demand for aircraft would add further upward pressure on the metal.
The 2008/9 recession caused a reduction in the demand for electronics which had a knock-on effect on tantalum, however if we assume a conservative steady growth rate of 4% in coming years the demand will be perfectly balanced. Growth above 4% will result in a supply shortage as early as 2014. Consequently we believe that prices should ultimately move to reflect this deficit.
Considering all the unexplored rare earth (metals) then we should pay much attention to the exploration of it, which means that we should make full use of the metal crusher in order to maximize the use of cobalt .The high efficient metal crusher can crush metal like paint bucket, tin cans, scrap metal of professional configure the device and help the cobalt supplier a lot to explore it