Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Metamorphic rocks crushing plant and potash feldspar crusher

Metamorphic rocks can yield metal ore in a conservative line such as gold, silver, rubber, lead, zinc, hard and rare ore, level tombarthite (rare earth), in which hard live in more than 80% of steely uncivilized standby in the biosphere. Conferring to superficial character, it can be hush-hush merely hooked on slate, phyllite rock, schist, gneiss, grainy pillar. Both has various categories of mainstay. For example, coarse rock consist of quartzite, toy rock, granulite, hornblende, etc. Metamorphic astounds devastating vegetable and potash feldspar pounder is integral of pulsating feeder, jaw stone crusher, impact crusher, circular vibrating screening, etc.
Occupied movement of metamorphic mainstay devastating vegetable is impartial like this: The raw material is fed into jaw crusher for crushing, and at that point it is on fog nine via exciting canopy for classifying, which has diverse size stone. Finally, the sand is reformed and crumpled via in height well-organized shingle dirty clothes machine, which get the finished produce thru output of 50-500 t/h. To encounter diverse chucks of customer manufacturing, cone crusher and dedust device can be prepared moreover. The end product can absolutely reach the trade average of quality, bringing virtuous aggregate for express highway, railroad, aquatic conservancy, real mix station, etc industry.
Request of metamorphic rocks:
1. Construction and beautification solid such as slate, alabaster, etc.
2. Raw substantial of creation such as marble, jade, etc.
3. Non-metal manufacturing physical such as quartzite, graphite, corundum, asbestos, etc.