Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good news for South Africa’s coal industry

A road map, considering four different scenarios for future development of South Africa’s coal reserves, could be released by mid-2012, panelists at the Coaltrans South Africa conference in Johannesburg said on Tuesday.
South Africa, the world’s fifth-largest coal producer, is the only country in Africa with significant coal reserves of between 30-billion tons and 35-billion tons.
The country produces coal from its central basin or Mpumalanga area now, while other large coal reserves were still trapped owing to a lack of infrastructure and high efficient coal machine.
There has sufficient resources and interest, especially from the East; to develop the infrastructure needed to connect these areas which have rich coal resource and to ensure the ongoing investment in South Africa’s coal-mining industry.
As we know that coal are the important energy resources and mineral resources in our life. In order to use coal efficiently, we usually crush coal into powder by coal crusher. Coal crusher is a type crusher of ore crushing equipment used for crushing coal. Coal crusher is acknowledged well in coal processing industry for a long time. It is used widely in coal mining and coal processing because of its advantages.
As private companies in the coal industry and the Energy and Mineral Resources Departments are developing the map, using the efficient coal crusher, the exploration of coal can be easier and have less cost.
In order to create a better economic environment, it was really essential to using the crusher to connect these areas, which have rich coal resource, to the central basin to secure electricity supplies, increase foreign revenues from coal exports and to consequently create a better economic environment.